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The Hotel Management System in with mdb provides an efficient and organized way to manage a hotel’s daily operations. It includes features such as room booking, billing, employee management, and inventory management to streamline processes and increase productivity. This system is user-friendly and can easily be customized to meet the specific needs of any hotel.

  • –  Hotel Management System with Project Report.
  •  100% Error Free.
  • – Report Contain 80 Pages.
  • – The report is available in doc and pdf format.
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The Hotel Management System in is a software application designed to help hotel owners and managers effectively manage the day-to-day operations of their hotel business. This system uses a Microsoft Access database (mdb) to store and retrieve data related to guests, rooms, reservations, billing, and more. With this system, hotel owners and managers can easily keep track of guest information, room availability, and room reservations.

The system also facilitates the billing process and generates reports on occupancy rates, revenue, and other important metrics. Additionally, the system can be customized to fit the specific needs and requirements of each hotel. Overall, the Hotel Management System in with mdb is a powerful tool that can streamline the operations of any hotel and help maximize its efficiency and profitability.

RAM 1 GB or More
HARDDISK 20 GB or More
MONITOR 15” Color Monitor or Advance
INPUT Any Keyboard & Any Mouse
PRINTER Any Printer If in Case of Printing Reports
OPERATING SYSTEM Windows7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows10
BACK END Ms-Access 2008 or Higher

The Hotel Management System in features:

  1. Room Booking: Users can book rooms easily through the system and keep track of their reservations.
  2. Room Management: Hotel staff can manage rooms, such as updating room information, changing room status and allocating rooms to guests.
  3. Customer Management: The system can store customer information and keep track of their bookings, making it easier for hotel staff to provide better service.
  4. Billing and Payment: The system allows for easy billing and payment processing, so hotel staff can quickly and accurately handle transactions.
  5. Inventory Management: The system can manage inventory, such as keeping track of food and beverage items, making it easier for hotel staff to manage supplies.
  6. Employee Management: The system can manage employee information, such as employee schedules, employee roles, and employee information.
  7. Reporting: The system provides various reports, such as sales reports, customer reports and employee reports, to help hotel staff better understand the business.

Follow the instructions to setup + run the Hotel Management System:

  1.  Please click Download to download the project zip file
  2.  Once the zip file is extracted, copy the login system folder
  3.  To Run Source Code you need to download Visual Basic 2010 or 2012 version.
  4.  to run project you need to click on start button which is placed at Ribbon of Visual Studio
  5. Database file saved in \hotel\HBRS\bin\Debug\database.mdb
  6. After start Splash Screen will appear.

Credentials for the admin panel:
Username: admin
Password: admin


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